Thursday, September 30, 2010

What can happen...

I learned a long time ago that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.

  Sorry for the delay, had some issues that needed to be resolved pretty quickly.'s the thing about being in the military.  Life is just unexpected.  The stability thing...yeah, not so much with this life.  And even though I've been with my military man for quite some time now, I am still adjusting.  Case in point- we rent our home from some friends of ours who are also military and had to move with short notice, as military moves often are, to Las Vegas.  They were in a real bind with the house, so we offered to rent from them because our lease was up and well, it was convenient.  (It is for this reason that we have put off purchasing a house here). Same school district for Misfit 1, and just down the street for moving purposes, and they knew we'd take good care of the house.  Well, we got a phone call recently that the house was being put on the market.  The following day the realtor shows up.  Should also mention here that that same morning the water heater exploded and flooded our garage.[ Insert the "wah-wah-waaaah" sound effect here.]  So the house goes on the market the day after that.  We are in the midst of showings and cleaning on top of working and caring for the misfits and soccer practices and games and well you just get the idea. And now, my dear friends, I am the leader of the 3-ring-circus of my house.  Feels like I'm standing on a big ball, trying to balance and juggle 93 balls at one time.  The hubster is on a mission for work.    I am jealous.  I want to go on a mission for work.  To Italy please.  Calgon take me away.  But instead I'm here.  Working on finding a place to live, shuttling children to and from soccer, making gourmet dinners after working all day.  By gourmet, you can bet I mean hot dogs 'n mac & cheese with some applesauce. Oh yeah, high class livin' when I have to do it all.  I make a mean hot dog.  Really.  I do.  Kids love 'em.  I might get a bit ambitious and make spaghetti or something later in the week, we'll just have to see.  If I close my eyes really tight maybe if I'm eating spaghetti I'll be able to think I'm in Italy...wearing some cute little sun dress and taking in the sights, and some gelato.  Yes, gelato would be good.  Unfortunately though, when I open them back up I'll be in sweats or my scrubs from work, with a dog wrapped around my feet and kids fighting over who's turn it is to feed him.  (Yes, they do that). 

God bless this awful, beautiful life though. 

So now that you got through all that rambling about why I'm late posting are the freebies I promised.  Both on the same day since I'm late. 

 This one is a thank you note that you can print as a flat note or a folded card, whichever is your preference.  Just depends on how you place it in your word document to print it.
And this is a recipe card.  You can size these however you want too.  I made mine large enough to fit 2 per page because my eye sight isn't the greatest, and because I am binding mine into a book and making it all fancy-like for Misfit 1's teachers for a Christmas gift.  Trying to get a jumpstart on that this year because last year I was in such a rush. But like I said in the last post, these can be used for bridal showers, or to make your own gifts, or just for yourself if you want. 

Enjoy the freebies, let me know what you think!  Oh, and please pray for my sanity!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A long pause

My little family and I have been taking a breather.  So much happening in our lives these days. 

First and foremost, my best friend got married.  We all piled into the Mommy-Mobile (my new van) and made the trip up to Indiana for all of the wedding festivities.  We had a pretty uneventful car trip **Thank goodness**, the misfits behaved. 
I bow down to the person who created the dvd players for vehicles.  They deserve their paycheck. 

Our visit back home was unbelievably busy.  I don't think we got more than 4 hours of sleep per night for the 4 days we were there.  Between running kids around to family for people to watch them, to rehearsals, and the dinner, and the hair appointments, and the photos and ceremony...jam-packed.  But definitely worth the trip.  The bride was absolutely gorgeous, and it was a beautiful ceremony.  And even though my husband refused to dance to anything but a slow song, the reception was a lot of fun too!

Huge thanks to my Mother-in-law, Father-in-law and my sister who were our saving graces for all of our running around while we were in town.  They watched the girls and gave us places to stay.  Love all of you!  And of course all the love in the world for the happy couple!

Getting married?  Or know someone that is? Even if you're not getting married or don't know anyone that is, you can probably find use for the freebie I am going to be posting tomorrow!  Make sure to come back and get it!

And since I was away so long, I think I will most likely have another bonus freebie later in the week!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Allergic to clothes?

Is it possible for a child to be allergic to clothing?  I've been around kids a loooong time.  I'm one of 6 kids, I have 2 of my own, plus 3 step-children, taught preschool for 3 years, and I have 6 nieces and nephews just on my side of the family.  I've never encountered anything like this one:

Little Miss Naked.  I do realize she is wearing clothes here...I won't post a picture of her naked on the web.  BUT really, 20 seconds after this photo was taken she had taken her dress off.  And was prancing around in her panties.  Like a little fairy princess.  Only a mostly naked fairy princess. Ask her what she is doing?  She simply says "nothin, Mommy." and runs off giggling.  Ask her why she took her clothes off?  "Because they were itching me."  Makes sense.  Some of the time.  But cotton t-shirts and shorts are not itchy.  And silky satiny pajama pants and tops are not itchy.   I don't dress the child in polyester for goodness sakes! Still...naked is the way for her.
We've been fighting a losing battle with her since she was old enough to figure out how to take 'em off.  She'd have her pants off as soon as we turned our backs.  When she was still in diapers we went to the beach one afternoon, and she stripped her lower half down to the birthday suit and refused to put her clothes back on.  Wanted to feel the breeze maybe?  Chasing down a half naked baby on the beach is sorta funny...if you're not the one chasing her and getting the glares from the other parents on the beach wondering why in the world that kid is naked and surely silently praying that she didn't use the sand as a litter box for babies. 
Now the problem isn't so much that she strips in public- that would be a much more serious issue, I think.  She just won't keep them on at home.  Even if we have company.  Even if the President came to our house for dinner, she'd be perfectly happy to run around in her panties and would most likely proudly point out the Dora or Hello Kitty pattern that happened to be on them.  Pizza delivery people (and Chinese food delivery people and door-to-door sales people...) are often greeted in this manner.  We do try to block her from view because well that's just creepy these days.  But she'll creep in behind us, or stand in the window on the side of the door, or however she needs to position herself to say hello.  Can't imagine what they  must be thinking.  Play dates?  Naked.  Sleepovers with other kids spending the night at our house?  Naked. Good gracious. 
I'm afraid that people must think she doesn't own clothes.  Little do they know she has more clothing in her bedroom than me, my husband, and 4 other kids put together.  Because she's the baby and she gets all the hand-me-downs.  Ironic isn't it?  A child with hundreds upon hundreds of the most adorable clothes and she just wants to be naked all the time. 
So is this a real ailment?  A clothing allergy?  Is my child just a nudist?-prompting me to immediately picture locking her away in a tower a la Rapunzel and Fiona from Shrek.  I can definitely see reason with those fairytale parents because of this.
Heaven help me with this child when she's in her teenage years.
I must admit, though...she might be onto something.  Nothing wrong with being comfortable in what nature gave you, is there?  Now if we could just get her to understand "good naked" and "bad naked".  It's just like Jerry Seinfeld said.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Launch Freebies!

To celebrate the official launch of the new blog, I've created a few little freebies to share with you!  Sorry I'm a day late.  Things rarely go as planned when the hubby is traveling!   These are some simple notecards that can be used in a variety of different ways.
 This polka dot card is intended to be printed as a folding notecard that measures 5.5 x 4.25 so you can print 2 of them on one 8.5 x 11 sheet.  I recommend that you print them on thick paper for the best results.  I printed mine on white cardstock.  You just format your word document to landscape, set your margins to be as small as you can get them and add 2 columns to your page.  Then insert this image twice.  Once at the bottom of each column so when you fold the card in half, this image would be on the front.  Print, and then personalize it however you want to.  You could also print this one as a flat notecard with 4 on a page like the one below.
This one is an example of a flat notecard.  I like to use these as "lunch box" notes for my kids, or just little "I love you" notes to leave in random places for my hubby to happen across throughout his day.  They can also be used in photo albums for journaling or to jot a note to a friend for some happy mail.  This one is also 5.5 x 4.25 so these will fit 4 on one 8.5x11 page.  To download these freebies, just right click and choose "Save picture as" and then save to your computer. 

Here's an example of how I used mine. Yes, I do color-coordinate my sharpies.  I [heart] sharpies!!!  I have about a hundred of them.  It's the nerd in me:

I am busy working on a lot of other designs for the new etsy shop as well.  Anything you'd like to see?  Things that would make your life easier?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Godzilla attacks

Sitting at a soccer practice, on the sidelines of the field in a folding chair is not exactly the best place to write a blog post, but I have an hour to kill so I figured, why not? It’s a good distraction from the 90 degree heat and humidity outside and let’s face it, this is probably the only time that I’ll be able to sit and do this without multiple interruptions from the kids. Sticking with a train of thought when you have someone asking you for a juice box or a snack or more toilet paper every other minute is a bit of a challenge. Such is life, but I am definitely thankful for moments like these, even if my rear end is stuck to my chair.

Fast forward two hours...because I was "embarrassing" Caitlynn for using a computer at a soccer field during practice.  Who knew?

Funny (and true) story of the evening: 

I put the girls in the bath and make them a deal that if they can get in and out in 20 minutes or less, they can have a brownie and a bit of ice cream for dessert for being super good listeners and not dawdling in the bath like they usually do.  The hubs is off on a mission for work, which leaves me flying solo for the evening.  So I get the water in the bath tub and the girls strip down and get in.  I walk out of the bathroom to clean up our dinner mess that I left when we went to soccer and Caitlynn comes out of the bathroom, completely naked and dripping wet, mind you, screaming about a lizard being in the bathroom.  I stifle a laugh and go to investigate and there on the top of the window sill is said lizard.  We will call him Godzilla.  He wasn't a huge lizard, but he was wreaking havoc on the bathroom. Girls screaming and jumping around and the dog barking because the girls are screaming.  And no big strong man to wrangle the reptile.  Just us girls.
Picture it. 
Got the mental image?  Good...just stay with me here.
So I run into the kitchen to get a glass and a lid to trap the lizard so I can free him. Reaaaaally don't want to touch him if it can be avoided.  I am NOT a reptile person.  No siree.  Not me. No creepy crawly slimy things for me.  Yet I must put on the brave Mama face, and deal with him.
Armed with my glass and lid, I manage to wrangle Godzilla in less than 2 minutes.  Girls cheer.  I give myself a mental pat on the back for not standing on a chair and screaming. Woohoo, mission accomplished!
"Yay, Mommy!" 
"Is he in there?"
"Can I see him?"
"Now what do you do with him?"
Well let him go, of course.  So I take my trapped Godzilla and I open the front door so I can release him.  And what happens?
The dog bolts out the door.   This causes a chain reaction.  Dog is happily running pretty quickly down the street, kids start screaming and crying that the dog is going to get hit by a car or run away and be lost forever, and I, being the Mom that's going to save the day, go running down the road holding a glass with a plastic lid over the top with Godzilla the lizard inside.  Chasing and yelling at the dog. Oh. Yes. I. Was. At 9:00 at night.
I manage to catch him halfway down the road and drag him by the collar walk him nicely into the house.  Still holding Godzilla in the glass.  Naked, dripping wet children are standing in the entry way of the house to welcome the naughty dog back inside. 
Godzilla is released back into the wild. Original mission accomplished.  Hopefully he has learned his lesson about wandering into people's bathrooms. 

I wish I had a photo of Godzilla for a memory of a super-mom moment.  Perhaps I will see him in the yard another's hoping that I don't find him in the bathroom again!

Stay tuned for the launch of the new etsy site, a freebie here on the blog, and some sneak peeks at new designs I'm working on!!