Monday, September 13, 2010

Allergic to clothes?

Is it possible for a child to be allergic to clothing?  I've been around kids a loooong time.  I'm one of 6 kids, I have 2 of my own, plus 3 step-children, taught preschool for 3 years, and I have 6 nieces and nephews just on my side of the family.  I've never encountered anything like this one:

Little Miss Naked.  I do realize she is wearing clothes here...I won't post a picture of her naked on the web.  BUT really, 20 seconds after this photo was taken she had taken her dress off.  And was prancing around in her panties.  Like a little fairy princess.  Only a mostly naked fairy princess. Ask her what she is doing?  She simply says "nothin, Mommy." and runs off giggling.  Ask her why she took her clothes off?  "Because they were itching me."  Makes sense.  Some of the time.  But cotton t-shirts and shorts are not itchy.  And silky satiny pajama pants and tops are not itchy.   I don't dress the child in polyester for goodness sakes! Still...naked is the way for her.
We've been fighting a losing battle with her since she was old enough to figure out how to take 'em off.  She'd have her pants off as soon as we turned our backs.  When she was still in diapers we went to the beach one afternoon, and she stripped her lower half down to the birthday suit and refused to put her clothes back on.  Wanted to feel the breeze maybe?  Chasing down a half naked baby on the beach is sorta funny...if you're not the one chasing her and getting the glares from the other parents on the beach wondering why in the world that kid is naked and surely silently praying that she didn't use the sand as a litter box for babies. 
Now the problem isn't so much that she strips in public- that would be a much more serious issue, I think.  She just won't keep them on at home.  Even if we have company.  Even if the President came to our house for dinner, she'd be perfectly happy to run around in her panties and would most likely proudly point out the Dora or Hello Kitty pattern that happened to be on them.  Pizza delivery people (and Chinese food delivery people and door-to-door sales people...) are often greeted in this manner.  We do try to block her from view because well that's just creepy these days.  But she'll creep in behind us, or stand in the window on the side of the door, or however she needs to position herself to say hello.  Can't imagine what they  must be thinking.  Play dates?  Naked.  Sleepovers with other kids spending the night at our house?  Naked. Good gracious. 
I'm afraid that people must think she doesn't own clothes.  Little do they know she has more clothing in her bedroom than me, my husband, and 4 other kids put together.  Because she's the baby and she gets all the hand-me-downs.  Ironic isn't it?  A child with hundreds upon hundreds of the most adorable clothes and she just wants to be naked all the time. 
So is this a real ailment?  A clothing allergy?  Is my child just a nudist?-prompting me to immediately picture locking her away in a tower a la Rapunzel and Fiona from Shrek.  I can definitely see reason with those fairytale parents because of this.
Heaven help me with this child when she's in her teenage years.
I must admit, though...she might be onto something.  Nothing wrong with being comfortable in what nature gave you, is there?  Now if we could just get her to understand "good naked" and "bad naked".  It's just like Jerry Seinfeld said.


  1. Hey, she's a free spirit! She can't help it :-)

  2. Both of my boys love to streak. It's funny...but kind of frustrating too :-) Following you now from blog frog...feel free to check my blog out too if you'd like :-) Nice to meet you! ~Kimberly


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