Thursday, September 9, 2010

Godzilla attacks

Sitting at a soccer practice, on the sidelines of the field in a folding chair is not exactly the best place to write a blog post, but I have an hour to kill so I figured, why not? It’s a good distraction from the 90 degree heat and humidity outside and let’s face it, this is probably the only time that I’ll be able to sit and do this without multiple interruptions from the kids. Sticking with a train of thought when you have someone asking you for a juice box or a snack or more toilet paper every other minute is a bit of a challenge. Such is life, but I am definitely thankful for moments like these, even if my rear end is stuck to my chair.

Fast forward two hours...because I was "embarrassing" Caitlynn for using a computer at a soccer field during practice.  Who knew?

Funny (and true) story of the evening: 

I put the girls in the bath and make them a deal that if they can get in and out in 20 minutes or less, they can have a brownie and a bit of ice cream for dessert for being super good listeners and not dawdling in the bath like they usually do.  The hubs is off on a mission for work, which leaves me flying solo for the evening.  So I get the water in the bath tub and the girls strip down and get in.  I walk out of the bathroom to clean up our dinner mess that I left when we went to soccer and Caitlynn comes out of the bathroom, completely naked and dripping wet, mind you, screaming about a lizard being in the bathroom.  I stifle a laugh and go to investigate and there on the top of the window sill is said lizard.  We will call him Godzilla.  He wasn't a huge lizard, but he was wreaking havoc on the bathroom. Girls screaming and jumping around and the dog barking because the girls are screaming.  And no big strong man to wrangle the reptile.  Just us girls.
Picture it. 
Got the mental image?  Good...just stay with me here.
So I run into the kitchen to get a glass and a lid to trap the lizard so I can free him. Reaaaaally don't want to touch him if it can be avoided.  I am NOT a reptile person.  No siree.  Not me. No creepy crawly slimy things for me.  Yet I must put on the brave Mama face, and deal with him.
Armed with my glass and lid, I manage to wrangle Godzilla in less than 2 minutes.  Girls cheer.  I give myself a mental pat on the back for not standing on a chair and screaming. Woohoo, mission accomplished!
"Yay, Mommy!" 
"Is he in there?"
"Can I see him?"
"Now what do you do with him?"
Well let him go, of course.  So I take my trapped Godzilla and I open the front door so I can release him.  And what happens?
The dog bolts out the door.   This causes a chain reaction.  Dog is happily running pretty quickly down the street, kids start screaming and crying that the dog is going to get hit by a car or run away and be lost forever, and I, being the Mom that's going to save the day, go running down the road holding a glass with a plastic lid over the top with Godzilla the lizard inside.  Chasing and yelling at the dog. Oh. Yes. I. Was. At 9:00 at night.
I manage to catch him halfway down the road and drag him by the collar walk him nicely into the house.  Still holding Godzilla in the glass.  Naked, dripping wet children are standing in the entry way of the house to welcome the naughty dog back inside. 
Godzilla is released back into the wild. Original mission accomplished.  Hopefully he has learned his lesson about wandering into people's bathrooms. 

I wish I had a photo of Godzilla for a memory of a super-mom moment.  Perhaps I will see him in the yard another's hoping that I don't find him in the bathroom again!

Stay tuned for the launch of the new etsy site, a freebie here on the blog, and some sneak peeks at new designs I'm working on!! 


  1. Welcome back! I'm glad you caught the monster and released him into the wild. You are super mommy, after all...

  2. Loved this post! I wouldn't have had the guts you did! I'm a total chicken when it comes to slimy, creepy crawly things. Ick.

  3. LOL..OMG I am here at your blog for the first time - saw your link at blogfrog. I think you are HYSTERICAL! LOL! I can totally picture what you were going through. My 2 girls would be doing the exact same thing (and HAVE with the freaking out in the tub thing) but we don't have lizards girls flip out over spiders! Teeny tiny -I have to get a magnifying glass out to find 'em - spiders. My oldest (6) tells me she has "binocular eyes" b/c she can find them so easily. And once they DO find them...chaos erupts. lol! I can only IMAGINE what a *lizard* would do! Thanks for the chuckle this morning! I have to follow you! :)

  4. That is hilarious! When you say 'lizard' do you mean the 2 inch anoles that love South Carolina?? B/c that's even funnier!! (Not that I'd react any differently!!)


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