Thursday, September 30, 2010

What can happen...

I learned a long time ago that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong.

  Sorry for the delay, had some issues that needed to be resolved pretty quickly.'s the thing about being in the military.  Life is just unexpected.  The stability thing...yeah, not so much with this life.  And even though I've been with my military man for quite some time now, I am still adjusting.  Case in point- we rent our home from some friends of ours who are also military and had to move with short notice, as military moves often are, to Las Vegas.  They were in a real bind with the house, so we offered to rent from them because our lease was up and well, it was convenient.  (It is for this reason that we have put off purchasing a house here). Same school district for Misfit 1, and just down the street for moving purposes, and they knew we'd take good care of the house.  Well, we got a phone call recently that the house was being put on the market.  The following day the realtor shows up.  Should also mention here that that same morning the water heater exploded and flooded our garage.[ Insert the "wah-wah-waaaah" sound effect here.]  So the house goes on the market the day after that.  We are in the midst of showings and cleaning on top of working and caring for the misfits and soccer practices and games and well you just get the idea. And now, my dear friends, I am the leader of the 3-ring-circus of my house.  Feels like I'm standing on a big ball, trying to balance and juggle 93 balls at one time.  The hubster is on a mission for work.    I am jealous.  I want to go on a mission for work.  To Italy please.  Calgon take me away.  But instead I'm here.  Working on finding a place to live, shuttling children to and from soccer, making gourmet dinners after working all day.  By gourmet, you can bet I mean hot dogs 'n mac & cheese with some applesauce. Oh yeah, high class livin' when I have to do it all.  I make a mean hot dog.  Really.  I do.  Kids love 'em.  I might get a bit ambitious and make spaghetti or something later in the week, we'll just have to see.  If I close my eyes really tight maybe if I'm eating spaghetti I'll be able to think I'm in Italy...wearing some cute little sun dress and taking in the sights, and some gelato.  Yes, gelato would be good.  Unfortunately though, when I open them back up I'll be in sweats or my scrubs from work, with a dog wrapped around my feet and kids fighting over who's turn it is to feed him.  (Yes, they do that). 

God bless this awful, beautiful life though. 

So now that you got through all that rambling about why I'm late posting are the freebies I promised.  Both on the same day since I'm late. 

 This one is a thank you note that you can print as a flat note or a folded card, whichever is your preference.  Just depends on how you place it in your word document to print it.
And this is a recipe card.  You can size these however you want too.  I made mine large enough to fit 2 per page because my eye sight isn't the greatest, and because I am binding mine into a book and making it all fancy-like for Misfit 1's teachers for a Christmas gift.  Trying to get a jumpstart on that this year because last year I was in such a rush. But like I said in the last post, these can be used for bridal showers, or to make your own gifts, or just for yourself if you want. 

Enjoy the freebies, let me know what you think!  Oh, and please pray for my sanity!

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  1. oh, cute! I might use those thank yous for our wedding if I can get our printer to work! And I'm praying for you...sorry about all of that crap. It all comes at once, doesn't it? Love ya!


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