Saturday, October 23, 2010

Address Labels

It must be the nerd in me that just loves when things are all coordinated.  Could also be that I'm slightly OCD about certain things...this being one of them- I like all of my stationery to match.  I like making address labels and sending out cards (though I haven't been doing such a good job of it lately) and I think it makes such a huge difference when everything goes together.  Whipped up these address labels to match the two holiday card designs already posted.

And the next one...

Really busy weekend, so far!  Took the kids to "Trunk or Treat" that my Mom's group put on.  The girls got to have a trial run with their costumes and get a little candy and I got to socialize with some mama friends.  Always a good time!  Now me and the hubs have some hockey to watch so this is a quick post.
 What are you doing this weekend?

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