Friday, October 1, 2010

The first soccer game

Today's post takes us back to the soccer field.  Caitlynn, aka Misfit #1, had her very first soccer game last weekend.  And this mommy had her first sporting event experience for her own kids.  Very. Interesting.  I vaguely remember going to sporting events for my nephews when we still lived back in Indiana and were able to go.  I must've been dazed through the whole thing because there are some things I missed.

1.  When the coach says to be there 30 minutes early, he really means 45 minutes because we got there 35 minutes early and the kids were already warming up.  Cait says "I'm the last one here! Mo-oooooooom!".  I say "Sorry.  I didn't hear 45 when he said 30."

2.  People can be very rude.  And very annoying.  We brought lawn chairs and were quick to find spots in the shade quickly after the game before ours ended and people started leaving.  From our game, we were probably some of the first 5-6 people to sit down.  Right when the game started, this person proceeded to bring a chair to sit sort of next to where we were sitting. They give a polite nod before seeting up the chair. Okay cool.  I'm social.  I can dig that.  I'm good at sharing and our spot is shady as opposed to the other 99% of the available area to sit.  But instead of sitting in said chair, the person stands up.  Right in front of me.  So I turn to my husband and he says "Seriously?" Like they didn't see us sitting there, right?  So I move.  Into the sun, so I can see.  And the person moves.  So I move back.  And get this.  She. comes. BACK.  To stand right in front of me.  I was afraid I was going to have to cause a scene because I could not see my child playing and this person was just standing there.  Talking.  Not watching the game.  So I swallowed my annoyance and asked as nicely as I could for her to please sit down.  She acted like she didn't see us sitting there. 

3.  There is apparently a ritual after the games where the parents from both teams go out into the field and make a bridge for the kids to run under.  This was not in any of the literature that we were given.  We didn't know.  And another parent literally yelled at us because we didn't run out on to the field immediately after the game was over.  Wow.  Really?  So I hurried onto the field and my dear husband stood his ground on the sidelines.  Wish I could be more like that when people yell at me.  But it was for the kids afterall.

4.  The parents get really wrapped up in the score. It's intense.  But after the game, I asked Cait if she had fun and she said "well yeah, Mom." I say how great it is that her team won 3-0 and her eyes get like saucers and she's all "We did?"  All the craziness from the over-competitive parents on the sidelines and the kids in the game didn't even know the score.  Love that.  So glad that for them it's all about the fun of the game.

Lessons learned.  Next game is tomorrow and I will be a bit more prepared.  Except that it's picture day tomorrow so I'm sure that comes with it's own set of rules.  Maybe by next season I'll know what I'm doing.  

This face, though...makes it all worthwhile.  She looks so happy.  And exhausted.  But mostly happy.  More tales from the field most likely to come.

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