Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Way to start the day

My kids are a daily test of my patience.  I decided that this must be some sort of evil plot against me to find out how much they can do before mom goes completely crazy.  Every morning I get up between 5 & 5:30 am.  I shouldn't say every morning...but M-F mornings, I do.  Saturday and Sunday it's more like 8:30-9. this is typically the morning in my house. 

alarm goes off.  I hit snooze a couple times and then drag myself out of bed.
I let the dog outside, start or change out the laundry, and straighten up a bit.
Around 6 I wake up Misfit #1.  No. Let me rephrase.  I attempt to wake her up.  My first attempts usually result in her yanking her blankets up over her head and growling at me.
This in turn usually wakes up my youngest, who is 4 and terribly grumpy when she does not get her beauty sleep.  Just like her mama.  But she refuses to let us close her bedroom door at night so the noise from her big sister's room as she's protesting her morning wake up call across the hall, wakes her up.  She comes stomping out of her bed (she has a bunk bed with stairs) with her bed-head and popeye-esque one eye open one eye closed grouch face and says "I was SLEEPING!", grumbles a bit and then goes and forcefully plants herself on the couch.  Meanwhile, I'm on attempt number 2-6 to get the diva out of her bed. The dog is standing at the back door barking to come in, and my 4 year old is whining about turning on cartoons.

Back to Misfit #1.

  It's a daily struggle with her.  The morning routine.  Every morning I end up in a bad mood.  Even though we do the same thing every day, she fights it. She has to leave the house at 6:30 or she will miss the bus.  I have tried getting her up earlier, putting her in bed earlier in the evening.  Nothing works.  Every day after the fight to even get her out of the bed,I still have to tell her to get dressed (thank goodness we pick out her outfit the night before), brush hair, brush teeth, take medicine, put on shoes, and so on and so forth.  It's a little much for me.  She's 9 and a half.  She should have this under control. Right?!

But then today...this is where it gets funny.  I go and let the dog in and go back to Misfit 1's room and he follows me.  What does he do?  In all the poetic justice in this world, he jumps on her bed and lands right on top of her, turns a circle, and sits down.  On her head. 
And I immediately get all hysterical laughing because, come on now..that's funny!!  She obviously disagreed with me on the hilarity of the situation... 
Might not be the most humane way of getting her out of bed.  It worked, though. She was up. And somehow managed to get out the door on time.

On the design another holiday card going. I'm still sort of messing with it a bit because it doesn't feel like it's complete...what do you all think?  I will post some tags that I came up with tomorrow...along with a freebie! :-)
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  1. ha, that is poetic justice!

    I wish I were hanging out with you, too! And yes your child must be taking after you...I seem to recall being scared to wake you up when we went to DC in high school...


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