Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another soccer Saturday

We woke up to a frosted yard this morning and a very chilly house.  I must say I am not a fan of this time of year in SC.  I normally love the fall, but the fall in South Carolina is frustrating.  You start off the day somewhere in the 30-45 degree range, then by lunch time it's near 70-80 degrees, and then overnight it dips well into the 30s.  It's too warm during the day to have the heat on, too cold in the evening for the AC.  Would be nice if it would just make up it's mind! 

We got all bundled up to survive the igloo that was our house this morning for C's second to last soccer game of the season this morning.  (Honestly think it was warmer outside than inside our house today when we left).  The team played the best they have all season and it showed with the final score of 6-0!  They've come a really long way since the beginning of the season.  We're so proud of our girl. She had 3 assists today.  She had a long face, though, because she wanted a goal.  One game left...maybe she'll get her first one.  The highlight of the day was getting back her soccer pictures, and this proud mama has to brag for a second...

She's pretty cute, right?!  Photo taken by APL.

Ok, so on to some crafty type stuff...I whipped up these little babies to help beautify our gifts a bit this year.  Trying to get a running start on all of the preparation-can't believe it's just over a month away!

The front

and the back

The hubby will be back in a few hours so I am off to finish cleaning up the house!  Happy Saturday!

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