Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little peek

**Keeping my fingers crossed that the hubby does not read this before he comes home on Friday. 
I am working on a project for Misfit 1's room.  See...we did have the girls upstairs all together in our ginormous FROG.  But Little Miss wasn't getting much sleep because she'd wake up every morning when her big sis was woken up for school.  As I've mentioned before, Little Miss is her mother's child.  We are NOT morning people.  We are "leave us alone until we wake up on our own" people.  If that means we wake up on our own at 5 a.m. then we're all good, but to get woken up...not so much.  Anyway, we separated them out so Little Miss has her own room, the boys will now be upstairs in the FROG, which is shared with my studio since they are only here in the summer and over Christmas break and Spring Break, and Misfit's 1 and 2 will share a room when 2 and the boys are here.  Got all that?  Long story short, for now they each have their own room.   Well, Little Miss got the room that was painted, which was my old studio, because it's painted in green stripes (we didn't do it, but were asked to leave it) and Misfit 1 wasn't all about the stripes.  So she got the plain room and it is P-L-A-I-N.  I hate going in there.  It's downright depressing.  We haven't decorated much because we'll be moving out soon and don't want to do anything that would be a big hassle to take down.  Quite the dilemma for me because I am just bursting at the seams with ideas for her "tween" room. 

Have to put most of them on hold.  One of them however, was to give her some storage.  I spoke about this with the hubby and we decided we'd build them ourselves.  Or he said he would build them.  Here's where the surprise comes in.  Guess what I'm doing?

It involves this:

And these:

A little peek at my work in progress:

I will show the finished product as soon as I finish it, which will hopefully be tomorrow!  I got my inspiration from this:

I found this picture by googling "tween girl bedrooms" just looking for random ideas of things we can do in the short term before we move.  I fell in love with the look of those shelving units.  I think I was drawn to the polka dots too but my girl has already put the kibosh on any polka dots in her room so gotta do with out that.  My project is slightly different than this, but same general concept.  I'm SO excited to get it finished!!!

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  1. Whoo! Look at you with the power go, girl!


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