Monday, November 15, 2010

Motivation Monday: Competition

It's Monday again, which means it's time for Motivation Monday over at my best friend Nain's blog, View From Down Here.  Come join in the fun and link up your post about what's motivating you this week!

This week I'm talking about my motivation for weight loss because, let's be honest, I think everyone who is going down that road can use as much as they can get.  I know I sure can.  I seem to do best when I put myself up against another person.  Last year about this time, my husband was deployed to Qatar and we kind of had a back and forth about working out and getting healthy.  I lost 30 lbs competing with him!  He'd tell me his workouts and I'd try to one-up them.  If he did 10 miles on the elliptical, I'd shoot for 11+.  It was a good way to push myself. 

Right now, my motivation isn't against my husband, although we still do that same back and forth...this time it's with my older sister because she has reached what I consider to be my goal weight, 135 lbs.  This is HUGE motivation because now it seems so much more attainable.  She doesn't work out much, but did make some changes and some sacrifices to get where she is and I know if she can do it, so can I.  Unlike her, though, I actually really enjoy exercising.  I just need to make it more of a priority.  My sis and I have always had kind of an unspoken competition between us, like many sisters do.  (Nothing unhealthy, of course.)  We just push each other.  We used to go play tennis.  Well...what we called tennis!  We didn't exactly follow the rules, but we'd volley back and forth and kind of make a competition out of it to see who would miss first.  We'd laugh like crazy at each other and had a blast, and we were working out.  Now that she's halfway across the country from me, we talk about what works, what goals we have, etc. These days, that's really keeping me motivated to keep chugging along.  I'm down 12 lbs since she and I started talking about it.  Pushing to double that by Christmas. 

Here's hoping!!

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  1. It makes it so much better when you have someone to push you to keep it up! And hey, tennis is long as you're having fun! Thanks for linking up!!!


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