Sunday, November 7, 2010

A new recipe

During some downtime at work last week, I came across this recipe over at Pioneer Woman's blog.  I thought it looked delish (my co-worker who is also a photographer said the food photography is superb over there too), so I printed it out to add to my binder of recipes.  Usually I do this and it's months before I actually pull them out to actuallly try.  Not so this time.  The picky eater of the family (my dear sweet husband) wasn't home due to some work stuff so I went ahead and decided to test it out.  Had to make a few substitutions...we were all out of soy sauce when I thought we had a full bottle when I went shopping.  {note to self:  check the pantry next time instead of relying on your memory because that went out the window as soon as the first misfit was born}.  So I subbed that with teriyaki sauce. Kind of a big difference, so I was nervous.   I know my misfits won't even touch a snow pea, so I replaced those with some broccoli which doesn't go over that much better, but at least they will take the necessary "no thank-you bites". 

Gotta say...Y-U-M!  It was so good.  Smelled absolutely fantastic when it was cooking and I thought it turned out really well.  I bet the soy sauce tastes better, but I took a chance and it was still really good.  The kids didn't exactly gobble it down but they did eat so I will consider that a success. 

This is the 2nd Pioneer Woman recipe that I've tried and two thumbs up.  I recommend her site if you've been living under a rock and have never heard of her, everything is step by step with photos if you need 'em and she's really funny.

Here's the final product

What did you all have for dinner this week?  Did you try anything new? 

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