Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to retire

It's with mixed feelings that I bid farewell to my old friends... my saucy saucony cross trainers.

See those dark spots?  Yeah.  Those are holes.  The heels were starting to talk to me with those lovely little flap things that form when shoes get old and the soles start separating.  Bear in mind that these babies are less than 6 months old.  That's right.  I am awfully hard on my sneakers.  We had a good run, though.  I lost about 25 lbs in these.  Logged hundreds of miles on the elliptical, my bike, and good old walks and runs in the neighborhood.  Lots of time spent chasing kids, dogs, (and lizards).  Oh the memories.  But my runs were starting to hurt my poor feet and heels and knees and so on and so forth.  There wasn't much ankle support left and if the grass was even slightly wet my feet were getting wet.  It was time to say goodbye. 

Can't dwell too long, though.  I replaced them with these:

Loving the sassy pink and orange swoosh.  Love the extra cushioning that these provide.  Love the reflective parts.  Love that I am now much more motivated for my workouts now that I know that my feet will be nice and supported.  Goodbye pain. Hello new shoes!  We used to sing a song for new shoes when I taught preschool and one of the kids got new ones...sadly that song was on my mind the whole day I had these on.

I’ve got a New Pair of Shoes and I’m ready to go
You know they’re nice and clean and I love them so
I’ve got a new pair of shoes

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  1. Love them! You should link this up to my Motivation Monday link today...b/c new shoes is definitely a good way to motivate yourself!


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