Monday, December 6, 2010

Motivation Monday: Quality time

It's Monday again and I'm about to fall asleep sitting up.  Stayed up way to late editing pictures and now I need a nap.   Mondays come much too quickly.  I am not a fan.  However, today my husband finally gets home after yet another almost 2 week mission overseas.  He's been gone for basically the past month with a few days home here and there. 

Anyway, back to the task at Motivation Monday this week is about my hubby.  With all this traveling he does, I really want to get more in the habit of putting more effort into the time we spend together when he is home.  We have a deployment coming up and those are not the easiest thing in the world, so my goal is to up the effort on the quality time with him over the next couple of months. 

He really does mean everything in the world to me, the cheese to my macaroni, the spring in my step, the cool whip (emphasis on the "h"-like Stewie on Family guy) on my dessert... Sometimes, though, I know I don't communicate that.  Life gets in the way, the kids go crazy, the house is a mess, the dog chews up yet another something...add to that packing, and the stress of losing a job and you get a cranky me...which is not so fun for him.  (Or for me, for that matter).

Plans for the coming week(s) depending on how quickly we can get things done...

* go get our Christmas tree (first time EVER for me getting a live one)-really exciting
*  decorate the tree
*  go to the Festival of Lights
*  go see the Harry Potter movie
*  lots and lots of pictures
* Family movie nights with popcorn and Christmas movies
*  Finish the Christmas shopping
* pack, pack, pack the house

Lots of this is holiday related, but we have been wanting to get some traditions going with the kids.  We spend a lot of time traveling to visit family so we haven't been able to really establish any traditions of our own.  We're working on that. 

Love this man so very much...

So there you have Motivation Monday post for this week!  Now go on over to Nain's blog and link up what's motivating YOU this week!

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  1. That is a great thing to motivate you! So glad he's coming home today!


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