Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy busy busy

Nothing pretty to show you today.  Writing a quick post during my lunch break at work.  Things are pretty crazy on the home-front right now.  I wanted to drop in, though, and make sure you all know I haven't forgotten about you!!  Been working 50 hour weeks and then photography on the weekends quite often so any downtime I have has been spent with my hubby and the kiddos.

Hope to be back soon with something much more exciting to talk about.  Not a big fan of how frequent this exact type of post has become!  I have SO much to share, as usual, with no time at all to photograph and post it all.  But I promise promise promise I'll start that up again.  Waiting on the dust to clear on a few things and I'll be back in action!!

Love y'all!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sending you Sunshine!

Hi There!  Happy day closer to Friday.  I personally think that Tuesdays are the hardest day of the week to deal with.  Mondays are not so fun, but at least you just came off the weekend.  Tuesdays are kind of the "just there" days, I think.  So I decided to share this bright and happy card today. 

This one was made using more Papertrey Ink products.  The stamps are from Damask Designs, Scattered Showers Additions, and Polka Dot Basics. The paper and ink colors are Summer Sunrise, Spring Moss, White, and Melon Berry.  The cute little tulip die cut is an oldie from Sizzix.  The polka dot ribbon is from PTI also in the Summer Sunrise collection.  The blue paper is some scrap that I had left over from some Stampin' Up cardstock called Soft Sky.  It was the edge left over after I used a scallop punch. 

How is your week going?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Motivation Monday: Clean & Pack

It's Monday...another Motivation Monday day over at Nain's blog.  This week I am trying to motivate to get my booty in gear to start cleaning and packing up our apartment since we'll be moving in less than 2 weeks!  I have this vision in my head of the new house...everything completely organized and in it's own place instead of the mass chaos that we are dealing with right now.  I hate it when I can't find things, but as I may have mentioned before,  I'm really not the neatest person on the planet.  By a veeeeerrrrry long shot.  Just ask anyone who has ever lived with me.

So that's the goal for the week...and my motivation?  Well of course it's the new house that we'll be moving into and the fact that my parents will be coming to visit shortly after we move in.  Plus the kids.  I just want them to have as easy a transition as possible because Miss C will have to change schools (she's not thrilled about it).

So there you have it, my Motivation Monday.  Head on over to Nain's blog and let her know what's motivating you this week!

A week of cards

This week I am going to share a bunch of cards that I've made recently.  I don't have most of my craft supplies because of the move, but I did keep a bunch of stamps, ink, cardstock, and miscellaneous embellishments out so I could exercise a little bit of creative muscle while we were in our temporary home. 

This card is one that was inspired by one that Nichole Heady posted on her blog a few weeks ago.  I used the Friends 'Til the End stamp set for this one, some white and Spring Moss card stock, and Spring Moss, Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry Fizz ink.  The hearts are from the Papertrey Ink Heart Prints set and were punched out using the Marvy heart punches. I embellished the heart with some rhinestones from Queen & Co.

I liked the look of the card so much that I decided to make a bookmark with one of my favorite quotes with the same design.  Helped me use up some scrap paper too, which is always a good thing!

Here they are together.  Cute, right?  The colors are so fresh and springy...I just feel cheerful when I look at it.   Here in SC it's easy to see that Spring is just around the corner because we've been enjoying some sunshine and warmer weather.  I know much of the midwest and other areas are buried under quite a bit of snow and ice, so maybe this project will make you feel a little springy too!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2 weeks and counting

Well hello friends!  Long time, huh?!  So so sorry.  I hope you're still stopping by to see if I am alive.  Yes, I am in fact still alive and kicking. 

We have roughly 2 weeks left before we move into our new home and I am just dying to get in there!   We will finally be moving out of our little shoebox of an apartment and into the castle that my adorable hubby says is just for me :-).  Here's a little peek at what our new humble abode looks like today...

And a simple sewing project to share.  I made this blanket and pillow combo for Hayley's nap time at preschool.  I didn't invent the wheel or anything here, it's very simple and I'm surely not the first person to have done something this way... but here's the deets on what I made:

Here it is all rolled up.  This makes it easy for the teachers to store it when it's not being used.  It has velcro on it that keeps it closed.

Here it is with the top sheet closed.  So when you first unroll it, it looks like this.  Sorry it's all wrinkly... Little Miss had to jump right in as soon as it was finished. 

 And here it is with the sheet open.  To make one yourself, here's what I suggest.  Have your child lay down and measure how much fabric you need for them to fit on it comfortably for nap time.  For my little petite one, it was easy because it was the width of the fabric.  *On a side note* I got this fabric at Walmart.  I don't often buy fabric there because I'm not usually a big fan of their selection, but this was a last minute idea I had and we happened to be in the store when I thought of it, so Little Miss picked this pattern out herself.  I really like it.  The colors are fantastic and it screams Hayley. 

Ok, so anyway, cut 2 pieces  that will make up the bottom "floral" part of the mat.  You will also need a roll of quilt batting and measure out a piece that is the same size.  That will be the padding part of the bottom mat.  You just sew them right sides together with the batting in the middle and then turn it right side out and you have the mat part.  For the sheet, I wanted it to be attached to the mat so it didn't get misplaced.  So I stuck it in between the floral pieces before I sewed them together.  It is only attached at one side.  Add the velcro and you're  all done.  Easy peasy.  The pillow super simple and (honestly this is the first pillow I ever made) just  2 rectangles of fabric sewn right sides together and then turned inside out and stuffed with poly-fil.  Sew it closed and you're finished.  This project cost me less than $10 and only took me about an hour from start to finish to complete and Hayley absolutely LOVES it.  If this doesn't make sense, feel free to comment that you'd like a tutorial and I'll put one together for you!

I have some posts loaded to go up this week so I will actually be posting this week.  YAY! :-)