Sunday, February 6, 2011

2 weeks and counting

Well hello friends!  Long time, huh?!  So so sorry.  I hope you're still stopping by to see if I am alive.  Yes, I am in fact still alive and kicking. 

We have roughly 2 weeks left before we move into our new home and I am just dying to get in there!   We will finally be moving out of our little shoebox of an apartment and into the castle that my adorable hubby says is just for me :-).  Here's a little peek at what our new humble abode looks like today...

And a simple sewing project to share.  I made this blanket and pillow combo for Hayley's nap time at preschool.  I didn't invent the wheel or anything here, it's very simple and I'm surely not the first person to have done something this way... but here's the deets on what I made:

Here it is all rolled up.  This makes it easy for the teachers to store it when it's not being used.  It has velcro on it that keeps it closed.

Here it is with the top sheet closed.  So when you first unroll it, it looks like this.  Sorry it's all wrinkly... Little Miss had to jump right in as soon as it was finished. 

 And here it is with the sheet open.  To make one yourself, here's what I suggest.  Have your child lay down and measure how much fabric you need for them to fit on it comfortably for nap time.  For my little petite one, it was easy because it was the width of the fabric.  *On a side note* I got this fabric at Walmart.  I don't often buy fabric there because I'm not usually a big fan of their selection, but this was a last minute idea I had and we happened to be in the store when I thought of it, so Little Miss picked this pattern out herself.  I really like it.  The colors are fantastic and it screams Hayley. 

Ok, so anyway, cut 2 pieces  that will make up the bottom "floral" part of the mat.  You will also need a roll of quilt batting and measure out a piece that is the same size.  That will be the padding part of the bottom mat.  You just sew them right sides together with the batting in the middle and then turn it right side out and you have the mat part.  For the sheet, I wanted it to be attached to the mat so it didn't get misplaced.  So I stuck it in between the floral pieces before I sewed them together.  It is only attached at one side.  Add the velcro and you're  all done.  Easy peasy.  The pillow super simple and (honestly this is the first pillow I ever made) just  2 rectangles of fabric sewn right sides together and then turned inside out and stuffed with poly-fil.  Sew it closed and you're finished.  This project cost me less than $10 and only took me about an hour from start to finish to complete and Hayley absolutely LOVES it.  If this doesn't make sense, feel free to comment that you'd like a tutorial and I'll put one together for you!

I have some posts loaded to go up this week so I will actually be posting this week.  YAY! :-)

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