Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We've FINALLY moved!

Good morning, friends!

   I am happy to say that after agonizing months of waiting we FINALLY closed on our new house last week.  It made our St. Patrick's day so green beer or festivities of that nature for us, but it was all okay because we were able to start moving.  My husband has been absolutely fantastic throughout this whole process with the move because I've not only been working at my "day job" but I have also had some photo shoots and other things come up.  He coordinated the entire move, found people to help him with moving the furniture and also did all of the move-out grief with the apartment.  I know he is absolutely exhausted from it all, but I am SO thankful that he was able to get that done.  So we are completely in the house now, all of our stuff in one place!  YAY!
  We also have internet hooked up, thank goodness...I was going through some major internet withdrawals during our stay at the apartment.  Torture I tell you, torture! I'd rather be without TV to be honest.  So that means that I'll be back to regular blogging now, woohoo!  'Bout time, huh?
  So thank you for sticking it out with me and I hope you're all still coming by to visit... I have a couple posts already scheduled for the rest of this week and I may pop in a few extra times just because I can now! *wink*

I will have some sneaky peeks at some photos I did last week later this afternoon so you'll have something pretty to look at!  Stay tuned!!

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