Monday, April 18, 2011

Motivation Monday: A little me time

To say that life has been crazy over the last few months would be a major understatement.  Only now are things finally starting to settle down.  While I like to be busy instead of sitting around, I prefer to have a choice in the matter.  With the way things have been, I have had very little time for friends and hanging out, very little time to be creative outside of my photography.  I've just felt stretched too thin and everything was sort of being done halfway of what I'd normally do. 

It all sort of hit me like a mack truck today.   I have a lot of responsibilities and I've sort of dropped the ball on several of them. Or halfway dropped.  And others, like making time to actually do things that I enjoy, have completely fallen by the wayside for the sake of sleep. 

Last week was a turning point with all of this because I decided to get back on track with my diet and exercise.  The result?  I dropped 4 lbs in a week.  Still going strong, by the way for those who are curious :-).

So now I want to start adding in other things that are for me and my well being.  Because when I am happy, I am a better mom, better wife, and better friend.   Tonight after my workout, I'm going to put on a chick flick in my studio and make a big crafty mess of some sort.  Not sure yet what I'll be getting into.

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I totally totally can understand! Things get so crazy that important things just get dropped off, hence the no emails from me recently...I think we can all use a little motivation in that direction! Thanks for participating :-)


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