Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new toy

I was finally due for my phone upgrade through my phone carrier and while I truly loved my blackberry because it allowed me to communicate consistently with my husband while he was deployed, it was having some issues. It kept freezing up and I'd have to reset it multiple times every day.  It had a random Sim Card Error that kept popping up.
I started paying attention to the new phones over the past couple months in anticipation of my upgrade. I tried to fight the iPhone hype.

I lost.

I did go back and forth between iPhone and droid x. But iPhone ultimately won the showdown.

And I love my new toy.

Playing with Apps.


and Camera +:

Yes, I change my hair a lot.  The one directly above was taken on Monday, then the top one was this morning.  I like to change it up. (The color hasn't changed, it just looks dark because of the filter on the bottom one.)

I also have Incredibooth that I haven't played with yet.  For my girls, I've only gotten a couple barbie ones and am up for suggestions.
Completely addicted to Words with Friends.

Do you have a favorite App?  I'd love to hear about it!!

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  1. Hey Erika!
    I love the Hipstamatic app! If you take a lot of pictures, it is the best app there is! I like it a lot better than Instagram!

    Jen Knotts G. :)


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