Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Deployments and Hurricanes, OH MY!

It's official.  The mister is TDY on a deployment.  Thankfully a *shorter* tour this time than the previous ones since he is going out of cycle.  We had a very busy weekend, so it flew by.  Always happens when you want time to slow down...seems to just do the opposite.  So it was time to go before we knew it.  I'm such a crier anyway, so these kinds of things just really take their toll on me emotionally.  I managed to not cry until he was all packed up and on the bus to take them to the plane. I usually break down much sooner than that!  I'm proud of that small accomplishment that I didn't lose it in front of all the people that were there.  The ride home is a different story.  But we survived saying good-bye and we'll get through the next weeks the same way.

Here we are saying our goodbyes.

a little sweaty, but still smiling...

Lots of kisses before he got on the bus. Had to stock up.

And after he leaves, the tropical storm lingering around has been upgraded to a hurricane and at this point in time keeps getting stronger and seems to be headed our way.
Being a midwestern girl, I have no idea how to board up windows.  I have no desire to go to 8 different grocery stores looking for bottled water.  Yes, I overheard someone at work say they had been to 8 different stores.  I don't even like going to ONE grocery store, let alone 8.  *sigh*...
Here's hoping that this one changes directions like they all have up til now.  But just my luck since the hubby's away, Mother Nature is taking the opportunity to screw with me!

Trying to push it out of my head by snuggling up with my girls on this rainy afternoon and watching Soul Surfer.  Off to do just that. Happy Tuesday!

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