Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ode to School Supplies

I absolutely love fall.  I love the cooler (not cold) weather,leaves changing, football, hot cocoa, sweaters, and snuggling up with a blanket and a good book.  Living on the coast, we don't get much of a fall as far as the weather is concerned.  We certainly do not see a massive changing of the leaves or the seemingly overnight switch in the temperature like we did when we lived in the Midwest, one of the things I miss the most.  Here in SC, the summer drags out a bit longer, the warm weather sticking around sometimes into October.  One thing, however, comes around every fall no matter where you live:  Back to school.  

While this year was a struggle for me in some ways, my love for the back to school displays in stores and the excitement of the new school year did not escape me.  I remember when I was little we'd usually have our stuff a few weeks in advance and every night I'd lovingly unpack everything from my backpack, lay it out all around me and linger over each item before tucking it safely back inside.  Making sure my trapper keeper was organized just so before classes began, going through all of my Lisa Frank pencils and erasers to make sure that all of the cutest ones were accounted for.  Some of my fondest memories of childhood are from those precious last weeks of summer before school started.  

Something about new packs of pencils and paper brings about a feeling of a fresh start.  Possibilities.  Even now that I am finished with school and have kids of my own, I still get that rush of anticipation and excitement.  This is a time of year that I set new goals and plan for the year ahead.  I still buy a new planner every year, just as I did when I was in school.  I still pick up a pack (or two) of pencils, markers, pens,colored pencils, and a cute notebook just for me.  When else are these items so inexpensive?  I must take advantage, and doing so puts a happy little bounce in my step. An indulgence for my inner nerd.  It works the same way with the girls.  

Hayley with her stuff.  She proudly chose her Hello Kitty backpack and lunch box and just HAD to have the princess erasers even though they weren't on the list...

Caitlynn was very happy and relieved to see markers and colored pencils on her list for 5th grade.  Last year, they didn't have any type of art supply on the list at all and she was so disappointed.    She loves art like her mother.

She did have an odd list this year, though.  4 packs of yellow 24 count pencils.  How in the world is she going to go through almost 100 pencils in a school year?!  4 packages of paper?   I know they pool all the supplies together and pass out to the students as necessary, but each child bringing in 100 pencils?  It seems a little bit excessive to me.  She also chose her backpack (no lunch box-she refuses to take her lunch and eats school lunches).  I was shocked that she chose black.  Oh how times change.  I miss the days of the Strawberry Shortcake backpack and little bows and ribbons in her hair.  She'll be leaving for college in another blink.

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