Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smash Book Post 1

I finally got around to playing with my Smash Book a little bit this week and want to share my first entry. (I posted about putting together my DIY smash book here. )

The whole purpose of my book is to put things about me. This is because my regular scrapbooks are focused mainly on the kids and our family life, not about  me personally.  I know that I would love to be able to see photos of my mom (or even my grandma) and her thoughts and feelings about things when she was my age.  Unfortunately, because my mom was a single parent, there are VERY few photos of her at all from when we were growing up.  So this book is to give my kids and future generations that very thing.  A glimpse into what makes me me.  My thoughts and feelings.  Lists I keep.  Just me in whatever way shape or form that takes on.

So here is my first one and it is about turning 30.  Of all of the birthdays I have had, turning 30 was by far the hardest on me emotionally, so I thought it appropriate to dedicate a page to it. Here is the main page.  A list of 30 Things about me at 30.  The list is really random.  From how I love mocha frappucinos to my fear of bad weather and how I cry at movies.  Nothing life changing.  Just things about me right now.

I created the list paper, date label, and the circle tag under the date in photoshop.   The photo strip is part of one that was taken with my iphone using the incredibooth app.  I just cut it down because I thought it looked better with 2 as opposed to 4 photos since I have the large photo on the other side.

 This is what the adjoining page looks like.  It's actually the backside of a sheet out of a Making Memories Noteworthy pad.  The back was just blank white, so I used a larger photo to take up a majority of the page and just embellished it using papers and stickers in the same colors as the right side.  The scallop borders are the scraps after die cutting the strips from the first page.  (The zebra print pink paper will eventually have another subject on it, it's not part of this page.)
The pink tab that says Read Me holds an index card with some further thoughts I wrote about being 30 and the reason it was a more emotional birthday for me.

Here it is with the corner of the card peeking out.  It just slides behind the photo.

And that's it. The first entry into my smash book.  I have to say I really loved being able to do a scrapbook page without any rules.  I just kind of threw it together with things laying around on my table top.  The whole thing took me less than 10 minutes since I made the book itself ahead of time, which I love.  Perfect for my crazy schedule right now.

So that's it.  Definitely feeling the love for the smash book craze! Have you tried it?

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