Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smash Book

I've been living under some sort of rock because I didn't know a thing about Smash Books.  Guess I need to get back in my habit of browsing on a daily basis.  Anyway, I came across them on Pinterest of all places and set out to find one.  But of course the one that I want is sold out everywhere.  Well, what's a girl to do?
So I made my own.  A temporary one of sorts.  For two reasons.  1. to see if I will indeed use this and 2. so I don't buy one that isn't what I want just to have it and it will go untouched when I get the one I really wanted.  I also had a huge bin of scrap paper and little bits of stuff to use to make my own.  So here's a little peek at what it looks like without anything in it.

The cover...or the paper cover.  It's going to have an outer cover around the whole thing eventually, but for now, this is the cover.

And a few of the interior pages.  I used a variety of shapes and sizes for the inside.  Tags, envelopes, transparencies, die cut pages.  Then I added rub-ons, stickers, tabs, and other various embellies to just pretty it up a little bit.  I'll be adding more as I go along.

For a few of the pages, I took inspiration from the eksuccess ones, like the currently...and playlist pages.  Just designed them in photoshop and printed them out and added some embellishments.

As you can's mostly a blank canvas.  I am not very good at scrapbooking stuff about myself, so I think this might be a way for me to do that without any rules.  Just random thoughts, doodles, etc.  As I start to fill it up, I'll post some more peeks.  I'm thinking of making one for C too because she was admiring mine.   Maybe a good place for her to write about her school year and put photos of her friends and such.

Do you have a smash book?  What are you using yours for?

Oh and PS, made some changes on the layout of the blog- wanted to accommodate larger photos and simplify things a little bit.  Change is good, right?

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