Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Coming to a close

In a way, it's hard for me to believe that this year is ending.  The older I get, the faster they go, it seems.  While 2011 has been a good year to me and my family (for the most part), I always welcome the coming of a new year with arms wide open.

I saw this on Pinterest:
This sort of embodies my love for the new year.  Fresh start.  Another chance to begin again.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about how I want to begin my story for 2012.  Where I want the year to take me, what I want to accomplish, places I'd like to visit.  And while I know that even the best plans fall apart sometimes, I am excited to get a new routine started.  There are certainly some aspects in my life that I feel have been lacking this past year (ahem, blogging...), some that I feel have advanced a long way, and others that I wanted to change that just didn't happen at all.  Working on a little shift in priorities for 2012.  A few things on my mind...

- making more time for ME.  This includes exercise, blogging, creating, writing, and doing more of all of the things that recharge my batteries and help me to unwind.
- recording more of our day-to-day life.  I am excited to try to keep up with a weekly running scrapbook that is simply photos and snippets of journaling.  The same type of thing as Project Life, but before I invest in that system, I want to see if I can make that work for us.  And hoping to share some of that here.
- Nourishing friendships both old and new.  Being better about sending cards and emails and all the little things that I used to do really well that sort of slipped to the bottom of the list and therefore never got done. (Sorry friends! I promise I'll do better!)
- Spend more time "unplugged"- no tv, computer, phone, etc...
- QT with my kids and husband, which really is at the top of the list, so pay no attention to the order of my rambling on here.  Lately I feel as though I'm working so much that I barely see my kids before it's time for bed.  Not a big fan of that one at all, so gotta do something to turn things around there.
-letting go of past hurts, forgiving and finding peace with things.  Another big one.  I have 2 big events that sort of shaped my 20's.  Emotions that I've sort of buried surrounding those 2 events and because of that they continue to be raw spots on my heart.  My intent is to heal.

Just a sampling of the many things that are moving to the top of the list for the coming year.   Trying to come up with a word to sum it all up to have as my "One Little Word" for 2012.  More to come on that...