Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Well good morning!

Here's a little re-cap of our weekend and a few photos from my iphone- and a couple that I found online because I didn't take actual pics- oops!

1. Field Trip Friday with Hayley's class to Bee City.  Such a cool place- I had never been
2. H and I went out for ice cream at DQ after her field trip- she had an oreo blizzard, I had cookie dough (of course)
3. Pizza and wine at my friend Alex's house.
3.  Saturday- woke up at the crack of dawn to go stand in line at Caitlynn's dance studio to get recital tickets.  Anyone else think it's absolutely crazy to have to stand in line before the place opens to get decent seats to a kids dance recital? ! One lady was there before 5 am!
4.  Did a little shopping at Rue 21 because they were having a big 40% off sale
5.  Took some pictures of Cait- good grief she's getting so grown up
6.  Did some stamping in the studio

And that's our weekend in a nut shell.  What did you all do?

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