Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This one time, at Walmart

Yesterday something funny happened to me. It happened at Walmart.  I know, right?

The commissary on base is closed on Mondays and we were completely out of bread and I needed some chicken broth for a crockpot meal (turkey) that I'm making for dinner tonight, otherwise, I tend to try to avoid Walmart at all costs.  Too many people and too many enticing things for kids.Every time I go there with kids in tow, one of us ends up in tears.  Case in point, my 7 year old convinced me to take her to the toy section saying she knew we weren't buying any toys, but she wanted to go "just to look" and then had a little pout-fest when I refused to buy a toy she wanted.  But that's not the funny story.

So we were going along doing our shopping and my husband had asked me to pick up some fruit since I was going to be there anyway.  I'm headed over to pick up some apples and this woman yells out "Oh my gosh you're so beautiful!"  The woman was probably in her early 40's so about 10 years older than me. She was nicely dressed and had an older child with her. I'm thinking she's talking about my kid who had just rudely walked in front of her cart to point at pumpkins and ask if we could carve one, so I smiled and said thank you.  But it didn't stop there.  She then comes over and animatedly grabs my arm and starts talking about how at first she thought I was someone she knew and then decided that I was just too pretty to be that person and that I must just remind her of someone from the TV.  This went on for about 10 minutes.  She followed me through the produce section just chatting away about me being pretty.  Mind you, people were staring.  This is not something that happens to me on a regular basis. (I suppose the fact that I was at Walmart lends itself well to my favor- there are entire websites devoted to the crazy stuff people see there.)
 So after following me around the produce section and talking to me about a woman at the middle school that looks exactly like Cameron Diaz "except with a little age on her, you know.." the woman tells me to have a blessed day and simply walks away.  

Afterwards, I was kind of shell-shocked.  Did that really just happen?  My 7 year old said, yes mommy that lady really just said you should be on TV.   So I text my husband and share this little story with him and he says "Well, that was nice."

And it was nice.  Flattering and slightly embarrassing too.  Just goes to show you never know what adventures await at Walmart.

And just so your visit wasn't a complete waste of time- here's another card from my craft-a-thon last week:

this was a lot of fun. I was trying something different, doing the stripes.  But I love the bold look of it.  The royal velvet color is one of my favorites.  Such a rich and beautiful shade of purple.

Here's a close up of the layering. I used up a bunch of left over die cuts on this one from my scrap basket. 

Cardstock: Royal Velvet, Vintage Cream, Melon Berry, Raspberry Fizz, and Aqua Mist.  The polka dot paper is from the Aqua mist pattern pack.
Ink: Raspberry Fizz & Royal Velvet
Stamps: Damask Designs, Tagged Sentments
Other: Double Ended Banner Die, Fabulous Frames die (just the center), Doily Details Die, and the limitless layers circles all from Papertrey.  The little flower punch is from EK success and the pearls from Queen and Co.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. HeeHee don't you just love how random unexpected comments can brighten up your day? It's wonderful knowing that there are still people like that who exist in this world! Have a great weekend!


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