Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Make It Monday #138

What a whirlwind weekend we had! My husband competed in the Austin, TX Ironman 70.3 mile triathlon on Sunday so we spent most of Saturday driving to Austin, which is about 6.5 hours from where we live, and getting him all checked in for the race.  Then on Sunday, he did his swim, bike, and run while the girls and I cheered him on.  This was his 2nd Ironman race, and he beat his time from the first one by almost 13 minutes.  Very proud of him. Now let me digress.  These races take a long time.  He swims 1.2 miles, bikes 56 miles, and then runs 13.1 miles.  The professional athletes finish in about 4 hours.  My husband is not a professional- so going into it, we knew it would be longer than 4 hours, so we told the girls to bring stuff to do while we waited. We had to be up and to the arena by 6 so Will could drop off his run bag, and then bused to the lake so he could check in his bike bag and get his body marked, etc.  It was pitch black, raining, and cold outside. See where I am going with this yet?  With 2 children in tow...this was not a great start to the day.  HUGE props to the lady that I saw with a stroller toting what appeared to be a 2 year old, an infant strapped to her in a carrier, and a 4 or 5 year old, because that could not have been easy.  My 12 and 7 year old kids were whining and over it about 5 minutes after we got there.  So anyway, we get him all checked in and then we wait...til his swim started at almost 9 am.  3 hours, in the cold, dark rain.  Blah is all I can say about that.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that there was no coffee...and no where open for breakfast near where we were staying so none of us had eaten, including my husband who was about to make his body go 70.3 miles... fail. 
Here we are right before he started swimming. At this point it had stopped raining for about 30 min or so.

We made it through the swim, and then had to walk about a mile to get to where the buses were taking the spectators back to the arena, deal with an angry volunteer line nazi who didn't understand that it was better to form 2 lines for 2 buses instead of just one big line, and search for food for the whining children.  It was 10 am.  They weren't being starved.  I did find food at the arena when we arrived , which I thought would make them a little less grumpy- didn't work.  So $25 later, after purchasing nachos and corn dogs and a shared might as well be liquid gold soda ($2 for one can of soda. A can, people...a can! not even a bottle! Extortion.), my kids were just as cranky and whiny as before, only now I wasn't hearing the "I'm staaaaarving" anymore, they just replaced it with more frequent outbursts of "I'm bored" or "Is he done yet?"
  The first race, just my husband and I went and it was like a vacation...this time with the kids was kind of miserable for all of us.  The girls were happy to hear that they will not have to come to any future races. Long story short, we made it out alive.  Barely. *wink. Here is a shot of my 2 time Ironman just after the finish.

Now, onto the reason that most people visit here- a crafty post.

Make It Monday #138 is up over at Nichole Heady's blog and this week the challenge is for Inlaid die cuts.  I will most likely play again later this week, but here is the first card I created for this challenge.  A very CAS card. 

I started out with a card base of vintage cream cardstock.  I used the Wonderful words dies as well as the large heart punch by fiskars for the inlaid dies.  This card is extremely clean for my usual style, but I like the simplicity.  

Thanks for coming by today! I should be back with some more takes on this challenge soon!

Have a great day!

Supplies: (All PTI unless otherwise specified)
Cardstock: Vintage Cream, True Black, Hibiscus Burst
Ink: True Black
Stamps: With All My Heart, Love Birds
Dies: Wonderful Words
Other: Large heart punch from Fiskars


  1. What a sweet yet CAS card for your Ironman! I get tired just watching my neighbor come and go from his training for Ironman so I can't even imagine being a spectator (with young children).

  2. You're both a couple of brave souls! and you have the medal to prove it! Sweet clean card, with the heart!

  3. Congrats to both you and your husband for successfully completing your challenges. I think your husband had the easier end of it. The only thing worse than two whining girls are three whining girls. Yikes. Great card by-the-way.

  4. Can't imagine an Iron Man! Great card. Love the pop of pink.

  5. Very cute. Love the simple desugn and the pop of color!

  6. Anyone who does an Iron Man is amazing! I love your card design! Especially how you inlaid the pink heart!

  7. What an adventure! Congrats to your 2 time iron man! Love your card!

  8. Great card! Love the beautiful pop of colour and CAS design.


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