Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just what I needed.

Good morning! It's a chilly one today here in Oklahoma.  Sadly almost all of the pretty fall leaves have fallen already- I didn't even get a chance to go take photos of them yet.  I suppose I should've known that with it being as windy as it is here that they wouldn't last too long.  I do love the crisp days, though.  Happy that sweater weather has finally arrived!
It's been a busy few days around here.  My mom came for a visit from Indiana- she arrived on Halloween and was able to Trick or treat with us and then stayed until Sunday.  It was a short visit, but we packed in a lot of fun!  I was really sad to see her leave, but I'm so thankful that she was able to come out for a few days.  There isn't a whole lot to do in the town where we live, so we did a lot of driving to get to the larger cities and more driving to get her to and from the airport. (the closest international airport is 2 hours away in OKC).  I think she enjoyed her visit in spite of all the car time.
Here are my kiddos on Halloween- Merida and Alice in Wonderland.

It's also been quiet around the bloggy because I was busy trying to learn a new skill. I taught myself how to knit.  I had a few failed attempts at this in the past where I just got frustrated and gave up.  I have more time now, though, since I'm staying home so I gave it another shot and I successfully completed a scarf. Hayley quickly snatched that up, so I'll have to make another one for myself.  I have my eye on the gaptastic cowl pattern that Dawn McVey has been using to make some beautiful scarves, but when I first looked at it, I didn't understand what the pattern was talking about, so I figured I have some more learning to do before I attempt it!  Since I was on a roll with the knitting success, I decided to try to learn to crochet too. Another thing I had previously tried to do and failed due to frustration.  But guess what?! I figured it out and I made a few projects! Thank you Youtube! I'm so glad to have finally accomplished my goal to learn how to do these things.  I've had yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks just gathering dust for months and months and I was finally able to put them to use and make something useful.  Here are the crochet projects that I completed (if you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these! Sorry):

My first attempt was a slouchy hat for my older daughter, Caitlynn.  It didn't turn out quite as slouchy as I thought it was going to, but she still likes it and I learned quite a bit doing it.  

Next I decided to try to make a flower.  And surprise, surprise, it actually came out looking like a flower!! I had some gray yarn left over and wanted to do a small project to try to use some of it up.  Now I want to make a bunch more of these!  This crochet business is addictive!

I was high on success from the flower and decided to take the plunge on a cute owl hat for Hayley.  And I DID IT! I am sure there are some mistakes, but it's a hat, it fits her, and it turned out the way it was supposed to. I'm calling it a success.  She LOVES it.  I just finished it this morning about 15 minutes to spare before we had to leave for school.  She was so excited to put it on and show her friends.  Makes my heart happy.  It took me most of yesterday and then the few minutes this morning to get it done, which is extremely slow compared to how quickly my friends do this- my friend Emily made 3 hats in less time than it took me to just make this one! I wish she was here to give me some lessons but she lives in Germany so I had to learn myself! 

Here is my happy girl wearing her new hat!

So I apologize for the silence here for the past few days! Having my mom visit was just what I needed, and I enjoyed doing something crafty other than making cards.  Not that I'm going to stop doing that- I am working on a card for this week's Make It Monday challenge at Nichole's blog and a couple other stamping projects that I'll hopefully be back to share tomorrow! Have a wonderful rest of your day!!

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