Friday, January 10, 2014

A fairytale

Some people who read here might already know the story of my husband and I.  Our story.  It's one of my favorites to tell.  The sentiment on today's card gives me a reason to share it again today.

My husband and I met when I was 14.  I was in 8th grade and he was in 9th.  He was a volunteer firefighter in the small town we lived in along with a few of my other friends.  I was hanging out with my friend Nikki the first time I met him.  Just an informal thing, hanging out with a few other people and she briefly introduced us.  We always said hello when we saw each other, but my family moved to a neighboring town the following summer so I started going to a different school and we didn't see each other all that often. Just at sporting events that I went to with friends, etc.

Fast forward to the end of my junior year of high school, his senior year.  He called me up one day and invited me to a party at his house.  I had gone to prom with his best friend (another friend of mine), and we had double dated to prom with him and his girlfriend at the time.  I didn't really think anything of the invitation and I almost didn't go because I was already changed to stay in for that night. But he said I could just wear my warm up pants and t-shirt, it wasn't a big formal thing, they were just hanging out in the yard.  So I drove over.  That get together led to him calling and asking me out on a date, which turned into us being a couple.  We dated through that summer, but then at the end, he broke up with me kind of out of the blue and I was completely devastated.  One of the harder break ups to that point in my life and it took me quite a long time to get over it.  He ended up joining the Air Force and I still had my senior year in high school and college ahead.  I ended up meeting another guy that was going to the same college, etc during my senior year and moved on.

Fast forward again, this time 9 years forward, and life was quite a bit different.  I had two little girls, I was going through a pretty painful divorce, and things were just basically falling down around me.  But then I got this email out of the blue from   I hadn't used the site in years, but my email address had stayed the same.  Normally when I got the emails from the site, I just deleted them, but for some reason I opened this one.  Turned out that my now husband had sent me a private message through the site, but in order for me to read it, I had to become a member.  I paid $15 to read the message and it literally changed my life. He was also going through a divorce and had children.  We weren't discussing any kind of relationship in the beginning. It was more moral support than anything. We were able to discuss our circumstances and have someone else that just understood it, and having that extra support really helped me gain strength and courage.  Obviously that beginning turned into more and a couple years later we were married.

We have now been married for a little over 5 years.  It hasn't always been easy, but we have built this incredible life and we are continuing to grow.  I never would have pictured my life this way-- but I am so grateful for it.  He continues to be my biggest supporter and my best friend and I feel so blessed that he was brought back into my life.  Like a fairytale.

Which brings me to today's card.

I used products again from PTI's release last month for this card.

Typically I am more drawn to bright, bold colors, but I have been experimenting with new combinations and since I used the aqua mist/soft blush combo on another card (MIM #146),  I had some scrap laying on my table and decided to use it up. I started with a standard sized card base and a white card front.

I die cut the heart notched banners in aqua mist and white and then cut a piece of sweet blush to sandwich in between to make the hearts stand out more.   The wonderful words love die was also cut out in white and added to the banner with foam adhesive.

I adhered the banner to the card front again using foam adhesive and then stamped the sweet sentiment in sweet blush ink before attaching the card front to the card base.

Another clean and simple card with a soft and sweet color palette.  I think the winter weather might have something to do with all these soft colors I've been using.  All the white!  I'm continuing to share some more cards over the weekend that I created with the goodies from last month's release that I received for Christmas and they will be a bit brighter! Make sure to stop by and say hello this weekend, too!

Until then, Happy Friday! I hope you have a great day!

Supplies: (All are PTI unless otherwise specified)
Cardstock:  Select Stampers White, Aqua Mist, Sweet Blush
Stamps: The Best Is Yet to Be
Ink:  Sweet Blush
Dies:  Notched Heart Banner Dies, Wonderful Words Love


  1. I feel lucky that I got to watch it all happen. You guys are a beautiful couple, and I couldn't be happier for where life brought you and your girls. I know we don't talk as much as I'd like but know that you guys are always in my thoughts and I am so glad you've found someone who makes you as happy as you deserve to be.

  2. Your story is wonderful, how great that you were there for each other when you really needed it. That is a true bond! I think we make much deeper connections when we are older and have been through more. I really wish I would have waited longer to get married. :) Love your beautiful, soft card!

  3. Very pretty. Love how you did the banner. What a lovely story. May you have many years of happiness together.

  4. That is such a beautiful story and truly shows how it is never too late to meet that perfect someone - sometimes circumstances have to be just right ...


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